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February 8, 2021by website_control

Whether you have your very first baby on the way or your house already has a few little ones underfoot, picking the right flooring type is a significant decision. It’s your priority to have a home that is as safe as it is durable. Thankfully, flooring options at Quality Floors & More can address it all.

Spill-Proof Simplicity

Luxury vinyl & laminate are two great flooring selections for kitchens & other areas in your home that are bound to receive a lot of foot traffic. Not only are these options durable, scratch-resistant & waterproof, luxury vinyl floors & laminate floors are also quite affordable, which makes them a good option for a young family on a budget.

Brands like Dixie Home are the perfect choice for those looking for kid-proof, waterproof vinyl. Even better? Both vinyl & laminate styles have come a long way since their introduction in the ’70s & ’80s. Now you can find countless choices for stylish luxury vinyl & laminate floors at stores like your local Quality Floors & More that mimic the look of hardwood, stone & concrete & not the look of your grandmother’s kitchen.

Hardwood Floors: Elegant & Family-Friendly

However, if you have your heart set on real hardwood floors, they can still be an excellent choice for a young family. Though there can be some risk of scratching with all those soccer cleats & scooters running amok, many hardwood floors on the market today, like Homer Wood, are now both scratch-resistant & waterproof.

Not to mention again, luxury vinyl is also a class to keep in mind if you really admire that hardwood look. There are beautiful luxury vinyl floor options, such as Dixie Home, that do an unbelievable job of matching the look of real hardwood floors, down to recreating the appearance (& variety) of grain. However, if real hardwood flooring of Quality Floors & More remains your desire, it is always a fine choice.

Comfortable Carpet

Okay, let us be realistic; little ones slip a lot. And even if the kids themselves are not always taking a spill, children are still famous for frequently dropping things: toys, pets, glasses of juice, you name it. This makes a carpet an excellent & safe choice for your young family, as a wipeout in a carpeted living room is often no big deal.

So many carpet options today come in both stain-resistant & fade-resistant styles, so choosing carpet for your kids’ playroom, nursery, or bedrooms is even more of a no-brainer. The peace of mind of safety for your little ones—plus, now with the ease of cleaning—makes the carpet hard to beat.

Need Aid With Kid-Friendly Flooring?

Creating a home where all your family members feel safe & happy is something we all want. So whether you’re designing a new nursery, renovating a den or playroom for your kids, or re-doing your kitchen, remember, the experts at Quality Floors & More are here to help. Let them guide you through all their fantastic options for kid-friendly flooring, so you can focus on building memories.


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