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The LVP Trend- What is it?

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Mankind is always developing and so are the things we use in our day-to-day lives that help us to be more comfortable and cause our environment to be visually appealing. A new trend in the flooring industry is Quality Floors & More’s Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP or LVT, “T” for tile).

You have probably heard about Luxury Vinyl Planks if you have shopped for flooring in the past 10 years. Why has this particular type of flooring taken the world by storm? What exactly sets it apart from conventional hardwood flooring or even laminate?

  • LVP Floor Built to Last

This pet & kid-friendly, water-resistant flooring not only makes your home attractive but is also long-lasting. LVP floors at Quality Floors & More consists of a vinyl-printed wear-layer on the top layer, a hard composite core, and sound-dampening backing.

Unlike LVP, hardwood floors can get scratched and might crack over time, leading to expensive repairs. LVP is ideal for any seasonal change in weather and it does not require expensive sanding and refinishing. 

Luxury Vinyl Planks are water-resistant and can be used in most rooms in your home. The maintenance is also simple and hassle-free. Vinyl has evolved into quite an excellent flooring option—even a hardwood flooring alternative—that comes in at a surprisingly affordable price.

  • LVP Floor Built for Ease

Most LVP brands boast that the product is so easy to install that some can even install it on your own, but we strongly recommend you hire an experienced flooring installation company to install it to industry standards. It requires a quick and easy installation process that will leave you as a happy customer.

Want to leave the installation to the professionals? Most professional flooring installers will install your LVP at an affordable price which will result in more savings for you and a long-lasting and attractive floor.

  • LVP Floor Built for Aesthetics!

How your floor looks is just as important as how long it lasts because you have to love the look and feel of your home. LVP brands have released many realistic planks with a real wood-look appearance and beveled edges. 

In addition, Luxury Vinyl Plank manufacturers very closely follow hardwood flooring trends for inspiration and layout direction.

Why Choose Us?

Does LVP sound like an excellent choice for you? Then, stop by our elite showroom in Hays county and browse our wide selection of quality luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile flooring. Our team of flooring professionals can provide samples of LVP that you can place in your home and evaluate them in your lighting and with your furnishings.

Quality Floors & More can take care of the entire flooring process — from providing you with a quote to ensuring your new floor is installed successfully. To know more about available flooring options, call (512) 722-3389 toll-free or email info@qualityfloorswimberley.com.



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