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Understand what actually makes Quality Floors & More vinyl flooring such a viable flooring option and decide why you should install it in your home?

Vinyl is one the most popular forms of resilient flooring because it requires low maintenance,  is cost-effective, water-resistant, and long-lasting. It also has the ideal balance of firmness that makes walking feel comfortable. Thanks to recent technological advancements, modern vinyl flooring comes in a wide array of high-quality and beautiful finishes.

Although vinyl flooring does have some downsides, they are pretty negligible. So if you are considering installing vinyl or wondering why you should opt for vinyl floors, read on. 

We have laid out key vinyl flooring pros so you can make the right decision for your home.

Vinyl Floors Are Relatively Easy To Maintain & Easy to  Install.

Advancements in the vinyl flooring business have made this product more DIY-friendly. Vinyl was earlier only prepared in large, unwieldy sheets, but today’s planks & tile floors are much more manageable to install with no hammering or sawing.

In addition, most of the luxury vinyl flooring brands now offer “self-adhesive” vinyl. You simply have to remove the backing & lightly press it into place on a correctly prepared subfloor.

Here’s a vague idea of how to install vinyl plank or stick vinyl plank flooring:

  • Level & even the underlayment (the layer the vinyl flooring will adhere to).
  • If you need to trim any planks to precisely fit your space, do so with a sharp utility knife.
  • Remove the backing and start laying the planks, and ensure that there is a tight seam between vinyl planks for the best outcomes.
  • Utilize a hand roller to strengthen the adhesive link once each vinyl plank is laid.

Vinyl Floors Are Affordable

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

The cost of vinyl ranges between $2 & $5 per square foot, including the installation. Luxury vinyl flooring is a steal compared to wood flooring, which can cost you $10 per square foot; carpeting starts at $3 to $5.50 per square foot.

The savings continue when you choose vinyl as it is cheaper to clean and manage. If you are really on a tight budget, note that the sheet vinyl option is the most economical one.

Vinyl Floors Can Be Beautiful & Unique

You will surely feel astonished by the striking, unique patterns and textures you get with luxury vinyl plank flooring today. Among the impressive wood-like finishes, some are distressed and hand-scraped variants.

When Cared For Properly Vinyl Floors Are Highly Durable

Yes, vinyl flooring is rugged, but you must handle it properly to retain its great appearance. To counter damages, use mats or rugs in high traffic areas. You can also put protective felt tips or coasters on the base of the furniture legs. When relocating furniture, use sliders or a firm sheet of plywood.

To clean vinyl flooring, steer clear of abrasive scrubs, waxes, scouring pads, solvents, detergents & ammonia. These all are the possible agents that can probably dull and damage the flooring surface. Instead, use a dry mop or vacuum to extract dirt & surface dust (avoid the “beater bar” vacuum attachment).

TIP:- Deep clean the vinyl flooring with a homemade solution comprised of one cup of white vinegar blended with a gallon of hot water. You can also a few drops of mineral oil to add shine if required. While using a good commercial cleaner, be sure it is especially meant for vinyl floors.

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