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Stone tile flooring adds natural beauty & timeless elegance to any room. Quality Floors & More’s natural stone tile is an effortless way to bring the charm of the outdoors into your home. It comes straight from the earth, making each tile unique, with its own natural variations. Natural stone tile flooring is an excellent choice for luxury & durability. They give a high-end look at a reasonable price & they are relatively easy to maintain. It is easy to clean & most varieties only require periodic resealing. Their beauty & durability make them perfect for high traffic areas.

Benefits of Using Natural Stone Flooring

Stone tiles are also incredibly versatile. They can be used indoors or out & come in various sizes, colors & materials. This means that there is something to suit every décor taste, whether traditional or contemporary. You will find our rates on natural stone tiles to be astonishingly affordable. We have a wide selection of stone tiles, including travertine, marble, granite & slate.

Natural Stone at Quality Floors & More has a matchless beauty all to its own. With proper maintenance & care, installed stone can last many lifetimes. Granite, Marble, Slate, or Travertine each offer their outstanding natural beauty that cannot be repeated. Choose from many stones for indoor or outdoor applications. The fun is in the design!

There are many aesthetic & practical reasons why natural stone flooring can be the right choice: 

  • Each piece of our stone is an unusual creation of the earth, making each flooring application one of a kind. Every floor is entirely unique.
  • The stone’s mountain-born qualities can help give living spaces a direct & eternal connection to the natural world, unlike any other building material. 
  • Stone tile flooring is natural, non polluting, eco-friendly pieces. Buying stones which were obtained locally can surely help in cutting down the environmental impact of transport.
stone flooring
Stone flooring

Types of Stone Flooring


Prized for its timeless elegance, marble flooring at Quality Floors & More has been around since ancient times. It’s instantly recognizable for its soft grain patterns & creamy colors ranging from white to red, green & black. It’s often polished to a high sheen that shows off its subtle beauty.

Polished marble is slippery when wet & isn’t the best choice for kitchens & baths. Honed marble has more surface texture & is a good alternative, but doesn’t have polished marble’s dynamic color.

Marble is one of nature’s softer rocks & prone to scratching & staining, so professional sealing after installation is recommended.


Granite is an igneous rock formed under extreme pressure, making it one of the most rigid flooring materials. It’s virtually impervious to staining & scratching. It comes in many colors & is found throughout the country — local varieties of granite flooring may be less expensive due to lower shipping costs.

Stone Floors at Quality Floors & More

Stone floors provide a beautiful & durable flooring that can add significant value to your location’s facility. With proper maintenance, stone floors such as marble, granite, terrazzo & travertine can last the building’s life. However, without the right kind of care, these floors can prove to be an expensive venture.

It is important to note that each flooring type has its own characteristics, making their care unique in each situation. For example, some natural stone flooring options such as marble, slate, or granite can’t use specific finish products due to their hard, smooth nature. Cleaning these surfaces with neutral cleaners is essential as high-alkaline solutions or acid-based products can damage the flooring.

Stone Flooring
Carpet Flooring

Natural Stone Floor Selection & Maintenance

The amount & size of pores within a stone (also known as porosity) dictates the hardness, durability, water resistance & other key factors that affect floor maintenance. High-traffic areas generally have a harder, non-porous stone floor such as granite or slate that stands up to more weight with fewer scratches & stains. Other types of natural stone floors will simply need more maintenance (a yearly sealant application & frequent cleaning) to eliminate pitting & staining.

If you’d like to know more about the natural stone flooring services from Quality Floors & More, please contact us!

Professional Stone Floor Polish near San Marcos

Could your stone floors or countertops use a facelift? With our experienced staff & high performing equipment, you can count on Quality Floors & More Services to make your stone floors look as good as new! Polishing helps restore shine, remove stains & repair grout.

If your home or commercial property could benefit from a professional stone floor polish, please give us a call today at (512) 722-3389.

Stone Flooring


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