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In your bedroom, kitchen, or laundry room, heavy items and furniture often stay in the same place for an extended period of time. This can ultimately cause dents in your floor’s surface over time. Some appliances, like washing machines, vibrate, which can also damage your floors. 

Appliances are moved occasionally in order for the area under them to be cleaned or for them to be serviced. This movement can cause damage if it is not done right. It is best to know the best practices for having large appliances in your home in order to protect your floors.  

How to Guard Your Flooring Against Large Appliances

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Follow these guidelines to prevent damage to your floors:

  • Be careful when servicing or installing appliances: If you are having an appliance installed, ensure the installer has a protective covering to lay on the floor or is equipped with the proper knowledge to reduce the risk of damage to your floor. Instead of lifting or moving heavy appliances to clean beneath them, consider using portable cleaning equipment that can fit beneath them. 
  • Always keep the appliances perfectly leveled: Inspect the ground before installing your appliances to ensure it is level. Even a minor tilt can cause it to move, producing scrapes, dents, scratches.
  • Put a barrier between the appliance and the floor: One of the most efficient ways to reduce the risk of damage is to place your heavy appliances on a piece of plywood. You can use any suitable barrier to ensure that your appliances are not resting directly on the floor. Using anti-vibration pads is also wise to reduce friction. When you place them under your appliances, it is an added layer of protection for your floors.
  • Keep your furniture and appliances in good condition: Malfunctioning machines usually vibrate more, which can increase the risk of damage to your floors. Always inspect your appliances to ensure that they are in excellent working order and if not, you should get them repaired quickly.
  • Put your appliances on hard surfaces: Consider installing your appliances in areas with hard surfaces or tile flooring specially designed to endure heavyweight. It is also best if your floor is scratch-resistant. Flooring with an attached top coat or layer of anti-scratch surfacing can help to keep your floors looking their best.

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