When To Replace Old Hardwood Floors

When to replace hardwood floors
Many benefits of hardwood flooring is that it can be periodically refinished, allowing a homeowner to easily regain the beauty of new hardwood flooring without having to replace the entire floor. However, it is important to bear in mind that even top quality hardwood flooring won’t last forever. Following are some telltale signs that it may be time to replace your hardwood floors.

Extensive Insect Damage

In some cases, our flooring experts can successfully refinish wood floors that have been damaged by termites and/or other pests. However, such refinishing jobs only work out well if the damage isn’t extensive. If large portions of the wood flooring have insect damage, then replacing the floors is the best option.

Moving Floors

There should never be extreme movement between floorboards. If this is a problem, then replacing the floor is the only option, as sanding and refinishing will not repair the damage.

Structural Problems

If the wooden floor is slanted, cupped, uneven and/or makes creaking or popping noises when you walk on it, then you have a subfloor problem. Sinking or spongy hardwood flooring is yet another indication that the subfloor is improperly installed, rotting, or simply not strong enough to sustain hardwood flooring. In any of these instances, the entire wood floor will need to be taken out so the subfloor can be repaired or replaced. After this, new hardwood flooring will need to be installed.

Extensive Wearing Down

Hardwood floors with a thin appearance, broken tongue, groove spots, and clearly visible nails have likely been sanded and refinished a number of times. It is far better to replace worn out wooden floors than it is to refinish them, as excessive refinishing will not cover the damage caused by age.

Water Damage

Water stains leave a noticeable mark on any wooden floor. In some cases, sanding and refinishing can hide the damage so it is not immediately visible; in other instances, the stain is still noticeable and you will either need to cover it with a rug or replace the floor. On the other hand, serious water damage such as warping cannot be repaired by sanding and refinishing.

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