Sanding & Buffing Hardwood Floor: What Homeowners Need to Know

Sanding and buffing for your flooring
The beauty of your hardwood floors should shine through. But your natural wood flooring looks dull, drab and kind of dirty. Even with regular DIY maintenance and cleaning, your floors may need something more.
Before you consider replacing or covering old, worn, stained or lackluster hardwoods, take a look at the professional-level services that can save your floors. 

Hardwood Flooring Experts can bring back your flooring shine and luster making them look like new and ultimately saving you time and money by not having to replace your floors.
Sometimes hiring a professional is worth the money when it comes to restoring your hardwood floor!

Sanding and Buffing

Sanding your hardwood floors removes more than just the surface coating. This type of restoration process goes down deeper, stripping the outer polyurethane sealant as well as the top layer of underlying wood.

If your floors only have surface damage, such as scratches in the sealant, buffing (and not sanding) may suffice. Buffing removes the top coat, giving the pros the chance to re-seal it with a shiny, fresh layer of sealant. But if your floors have stains, deep scratches or other damage that extends below the clear surface, sanding may be the way to go.

While it's tempting to rent a sander and try to remove the top layers of your floor yourself, a DIY job might not end up saving you money. Uneven sanding can cause obvious imperfections that may ruin the look of your floors. Unless you have expert knowledge/training and the correct machinery/tools, hiring a professional is the best option for this job.

For more information on hiring a professional versus replacing your older hardwood floor, give us a call.     
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