Prevent Floor Damage From Furniture In Your San Marcos Home

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Moving furniture to re-decorate or clean is a prime opportunity for floor damage. It often seems easier to push or drag furniture around than to lift it up, but doing some can scratch the flooring.  Never drag them across your floor. Lift and carefully place down heavy objects and furniture. If you drag furniture, place a barrier such as a sheet of thin plywood or felt between the furniture and the floor. You can use a dolly when moving furniture.

Scratches and marks from furniture legs are some of the most prevalent threats to wood flooring. You can protect your hardwood floor using felt protector pads. Use it on the bottom of your furniture to diminish the risk of any scratches occurring. You can attach these tips to furniture with a built-in, non-damaging adhesive, and they will cushion the parts of the furniture that touch the wood floor directly. 

Make sure that any old or new furniture is in good condition before placing it on your hardwood floor. Do some light sanding to the damaged legs to prevent scratches on your hardwood floors.

If you are going to renew your old hardwood floor or install a brand new hardwood floor make sure that you are aware how to protect your wood flooring.
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