Maintaining Your Marble Flooring

Marble is a beautiful stone and a luxurious addition to any home. But it is also a delicate stone and homeowners need to know that great care is required to keep your marble floor’s shine and beauty.
Cleaning your marble floor starts with preventing damage and keeping up with regular maintenance. Sweeping, mopping or dusting on a daily basis will remove any dirt or surface debris that could scratch or otherwise damage your floor. It is very important to clean up all spills as soon as they occur so they do not stain your flooring. It is also important that you us a neutral pH cleaning solution. Do not use acidic cleaners because you will run the risk of losing the shine or scratching it. You can clean your floors with highly diluted mixture of ammonia and water or with a highly diluted mix of dish soap and water (1/2 cup soap to a bucket of water). Once you finish mopping it is recommended that you dry the floor using a soft, fluffy towel. Water sitting on top of the marble can seep into the stone and cause stains to form.
Maintaining your marble flooring