Keep Your Tile Looking Great By Cleaning It Properly

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Dirty, stained tiles are unattractive and can make your bathroom or kitchen appear dingy and lackluster and tired looking. 

Proper Cleaning Techniques for Tiles

There is a broad range of all-purpose cleaning products available on today’s market with which you can effectively clean your tiles. Always follow the specific directions regardless of which product you choose. As a general rule, for simple cleaning, you should begin by spraying the tiles with a light coating of the selected formula. Allow it to sit on the tiles for approximately fifteen minutes. Then, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down the tiles.

If you prefer natural cleaning solutions, you can create your own formula with the following:
● One gallon of clean water
● Quarter cup of borate detergent
● Half a cup of ammonia
● Half cup of white vinegar

Once the formula is mixed, place a thin layer of baking soda over your tiles and then add your homemade cleaning solution. Scrub the tiles until all dirt and film are removed.
Your tile should look brand new again

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