Hardwood Refinishing - What You Need To Know

Refinishing - what you need to know

When do hardwood floors need refinishing?

You should look into getting your floors refinished when they begin to look a little worse for wear or when you decide to change the color of the wood. Between the time of your hardwood floor installation and the time of your hardwood floor’s replacement, your floor can be refinished and sanded between six to eight times.

This is because, in order to sand, there needs to be 1/32 of an inch of wood at least on your floors. It all depends on the thickness of the top layer of the wood. For reference, a typical hardwood floor is 3/4 of an inch thick.

Is refinishing my floors a job I can do myself?

Hardwood floor installation and hardwood floor refinishing are both jobs that aren’t recommended for DIY projects. Many homeowners who try to refinish their own floors end up costing themselves more money because the equipment is expensive to rent and you’re not likely to get professional results.

How do I find the best hardwood floor care?

Either look for a service that offers hardwood floor installation or hardwood floor refinishing or both. Then read online reviews and gather leads from friends. Consultations are also great ways to get to know a company before you settle on who to choose to refinish your floors. Even a simple phone call will help you learn a little more about them and what they do.

Refinishing your floors isn’t something that should be done often, but when you do refinish your floors be sure to seek out a quality professional. 

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