Should I be concerned with the thickness of my engineered hardwood floor?

Engineered hardwood flooring - should I be concerned?
Most engineered hardwood floors come in standard thicknesses.  The most popular options are ⅜” and ½”.  There are a few options that are thicker and thinner than these but these two options make up almost 90% of the products on the market today.  

As a general rule the thickness of the flooring is determined by how wide and long the boards are.  Because wood expands and contracts with changes in the environment and because the larger boards expand and contract at a larger rate, large boards need a thicker base to keep them stable.  So for example a product that is 6 inches wide and 6 feet long will need a thicker base to keep it from expanding and contracting too much.  A smaller board such as a 5 inch wide by 4 feet long board will not need as thick of a base to keep it stable.

When deciding on an engineered wood floor keep this in mind.  On boards that are less than 5 feet long and less than 6 inches wide you can expect the product to be ⅜’ thick.  On boards wider and longer you can expect a product to be ½” or more thick.  If the product you are considering is larger than this and is on a ⅜” platform you may want to consider another option. 

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