DIY Or Hire A Professional When Refinishing Hardwood Floors In San Marcos Texas?

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A professional will charge $3 to $5 per square foot to refinish a hardwood floor depending on the size of the job and the nature of the space and the material. The process will generally require about one week with cleanup. With Simmons we clean as we go making sure our customers are happy each day when we leave that their home is not in disarray.

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If you choose the cheapest hardwoods on the market, they tend to be soft woods like pine. These will scratch more easily than other hardwoods. Moving up to a mid-range wood like To restore your hardwood floor’s original beauty and richness, refinishing is the best option. When it comes to hardwood refinishing, you can enjoy the satisfaction of doing it yourself rather than hiring a professional. Hardwood refinishing is hard work and a time-consuming process.

If you perform the work yourself, then you will have to rent a walk-behind, solid-wood sanding machine as well as hand sanding tools. Mistakes can also be made, which can irreparably damage the wood flooring surface, requiring costly repairs or a complete reinstallation.

We recommend you don’t take this on yourself as flooring patches are very difficult to blend and hardwood floors are just too costly if you make a mistake.

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