Carpet or Hard Surface Flooring for your Business?

When deciding on a flooring option for your business there are many factors to consider based on what kind of business you are running. Having the proper flooring option will give your customers and employees the best possible experience.
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Hard Surface Flooring

There is no doubt that most hard surface flooring options are an elegant option for any business that compliments any style of room. Most hard surface floors are easy to maintain and cleaning is a relatively straightforward process. Hard surface floors come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and prices to fit any budget.

Carpet Flooring

A quality carpet can provide great insulation as well as give the impression of warmth, depending on your business. It is possible with this insulation can even lower your energy bill during the winter months. Thick carpet can also dampen noise levels when people walk across it. This could be a major factor for businesses that need privacy or involve discreet conversations. If you are trying to make a comfortable, relaxed, quiet and hospitable setting carpet is the number one choice for you. Carpet even has a vast range of color and designs to fit whatever look you are trying to accomplish.


There are few flooring options more comfortable than carpet. Carpet flooring is soft and warm under you feet and is much more gentler on your feet if constantly standing or walking. Unfortunately, hard surfaces have no real plus over carpet when it comes to comfort. Most of the benefits you receive with hard surface floors is related more toward practical use than the aesthetic considerations.


Hard surface flooring will win every battle when it comes to maintenance compared to carpet. Spills can be cleaned up in seconds as long as it has been properly sealed. The cost to “deep clean” hard surface floors is generally much lower than deep cleaning carpet. Carpet is notorious for its higher maintenance to keep it looking and feeling the same as when you first had it installed. There are some excellent stain resistant options on the market if you can budget a bit higher for flooring but carpet will still need regular cleaning and vacuuming.

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