Best Chemical-Free Flooring Choices

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Best Healthy & Chemical-Free Flooring Choices
Homeowners are increasingly joining the chemical-free movement. Whether you are concerned about your family’s health, the environment, or allergies, below are our favorite chemical-free flooring choices to consider when cutting chemicals out of your home.

Derived from natural sources, hardwood floors are a great way to get a traditional look without the chemicals. Hardwood can be derived from a variety of tree species and does not require chemical resins or glue to be manufactured or installed. Use natural finishes like hemp oil or linseed oil to further eliminate the use of chemicals in your home. You can also use bamboo to achieve a similar look with the added benefit of being eco-friendly.

Wool and Natural Carpets
Carpets are notorious for the VOCs they emit shortly after being installed. VOC stands for volatile organic compound, which is a toxic fume emitted from a number of synthetic floors or adhesives. VOCs associated with carpet come from the glues and dyes used, and these toxins usually dissipate after a day or two. Stick to natural carpets like wool, sisal, and coir to avoid synthetic carpets that have been treated with various chemicals from dyes, waterproofing, and adhesives. Choose natural carpet padding and adhesives to avoid chemicals that occur during the installation process.

Natural Stone Tile
Natural stone tiles, like travertine or slate, are derived from the earth and require no manufacturing other than to cut and shape them. These tiles don’t always require sealants or stains, although chemical-free sealants are available if desired. Install your tiles on a floating basis or use non-toxic grout to further cut down on the chemicals used in your floor. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles can also be safe choices for your home as long as the glaze is non-toxic.Call our designers today with any questions you have.

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