5 Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring San Marcos, Texas

Luxury Vinyl Plank, Griptite, Burnt Ginger

1. It’s Budget-Friendly (Great Value)

Vinyl happens to be one of the most affordable flooring types on the market today. 

2. A Vast Array of Finishes
Vinyl is now printed in a wide variety of looks, patterns and colors. It is available in simulated stone, tile and even wood grain patterns. Many of these styles, especially luxury vinyl plank & luxury vinyl tile, look almost like the real material they are simulating. 

3. Easy to Maintain
Today’s vinyl floor varieties have a resilient protective coating that makes it resistant to staining and dirt. This makes cleanup easier than many flooring types. Spills and splashes wipe up easily, and as long as you sweep and mop it occasionally, it will continue to perform for years to come.

4. Installation Has Advanced and Simplified
With the development of vinyl tiles as an alternative to bulky, inconvenient rolls, vinyl is easier to install than ever before. The tiles have plastic backs that peel off to reveal adhesive. They can then be pressed into place. If an area is scratched or stained, the affected tile can be removed and replaced with a new one instead of having to redo the whole floor.

5. Water-Resistant and Insulating
Vinyl creates an insulating layer in the home that can help with efficiency and feeling good while walking on it. It is also resistant to water and moisture, unlike real wood flooring.

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